Project Description

The proposal for the new Al-Sunnah Mosque, is a reference development to create a landmark building that will function not only as a place of worship but as an educational and community centre. It will be a place for weekly prayers, as well as having classrooms for children and adults to educate and help with integration. It will also host different social events. The necessity to renew the existing conditions as being insufficient is not just in terms of capacity but in how comfortably people can make use of the premises, whilst also considering many other quality aspects are demanded by a growing and faithful community. In order to accommodate new services for the existing and potential new users, a more extensive building is needed.

The aesthetical concept will be aim to incorporate all of the traditional features that define this type of architecture and bring the building in line with the character of the area, using contemporary language and logistics to offer all of the modern architectural possibilities to the historical and cultural heritage.