Project Description

Predominantly family housing but with a proportion of apartments to create a variety of house types. Tenure will be mainly owner – occupied, but a significant percentage will be “affordable”. This will produce a matrix of houses and apartments catering for all family arrangements and of a range of tenures and affordability. As all properties will be built to the same specification to ensure seamless tenure.

Massing is human in scale, varied and clustered with the density generally high to to support local infrastructure, services and public transport. Orientation has been considered to take maximum advantage of natural panorama, maximise privacy and minimise overlooking, but providing natural surveillance of public open spaces.

The new development will be to the highest energy – efficiency standards with the exploration of the viability of waste separation, SUDS, plant and sewage treatment and grey water recycling.

Bespoke housing designs incorporate flexible living spaces enabling local people to work from home or set up a business “in the garage”, and which are adaptable to meet diverse needs as families’ circumstances change.